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Our Story

The Meaty Ogres are a Berkeley, CA-based sextet with a mission to revive rock, funk, and soul favorites while introducing our own sounds from the Ogre creative archive. The band's unique blend of musical backgrounds has created one of the Bay Area's fun new groove-tastic forces. We are Dave Mackay (Harmonica, Percussion, vocals), Tommy Sasso (Keys, vocals), Chris Kemp (Drums), Andre DeRussy (Guitar, vocals), Joe Vittoria (Lead Guitar), and Joshua Kaplan (Bass).

Core Mission to Rock

While we are stylistically open minded and grateful that each band member brings a unique quality to our music, one fundamental core principle is to bring the ROCK to our concerts.  With every song we play, we thrive off of the energy of rock music and seek to step up our game at every event.

The Listener is our Inspiration

Our listeners are our lifeblood and inspiration.  Without the enthusiasm that our audience brings to every single concert, everything falls apart.  We are driven by their engagement and ultimately they are the motivation to write more music. 


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